American Time

In the Second Part, Policarpo will search exit for the social and economic problems of Brazil. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert J. Shiller offers on the topic.. How could a country of a so exuberant and perfect nature suffer from as many economic problems? as could its people suffer in the hunger and the misery? The trajectory of Policarpo starts as agriculturist. will envidar all the possible and impossible efforts in the resolution them problems that devastate Brazil, esbarrando in innumerable impediments, as thus described in the proper romance: Meditava great agricultural reforms. It orders to search catalogues and it went to examine them. It had already in double mind one charrua, a mechanical weeder, a semeador, a destocador, gratings, all American, of> profanation to use chemical devices in the Brazilian land to the few goes esmorecendo. Each time more increases its anguish ahead of the objectives not reached, of the failures of its longed for agricultural reforms. Would be, however, guilt of the Brazilian people? heretical dreamed or objectified dreams in the more distant republic are each time. Its disillusionment thus is illustrated in the letter that its sister addresses: It had moments that the firearms had abandoned: we beat the bayonet, the recoils, the axe, the machete to it. Son: a combat of troglodytes, a prehistoric thing I doubt, doubt the justice of this everything, doubt its reason of being, doubt that it is certain necessary to go to take off of deep of us the all asleep ferocity, that ferocity that if made and if it deposited in us in the milenrios combats with feras, when I disputed the land they I did not see men of today; vi men of Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal armed with axes of slex, without mercy, love, generous dreams,> Captain, my cap; my cap! seemed that it was my proper thought that ironizava my destination The indignation of Policarpo before the brutality of Brazilians against its compatriots is, therefore, revealed formal, to the high step.