Who Should Pay For The Services Of A Realtor ?

If you look at things logically, the services of a realtor must be paid by homeowners. After all he is interested in the most advantageous proposal for rental housing. This rule is common almost everywhere, except Moscow. Now everything is changing. But who knows how long it will last. For many years, the demand for housing the most sought after segment of the economy class was a lot more offers.

Thus, one apartment is usually claimed about five people. And as soon as the market appears a new proposal almost immediately tried to use them. Will agree with such a scenario, require the owner of commission simply ridiculous. Curiously, expensive housing market have acted completely different rules. Normally, things had to wait for a client for several months and give the agents a commission that is as well as worldwide.

The fact is that even if the proposals were more in demand. On Today, specialists in real estate a decline in housing demand: visitors to the earnings of people in connection with the closing of businesses are forced to return home. But the economic crisis – not the only reason happening on the rental market. Every year the number of rental housing has grown, because people understand that this is a very lucrative business. Thus, we came to the scenario, when a tenant has up to 10 housing units. And now the owners finally starting to appreciate the people involved in real estate activities. And, of course, generously rewarded their labors commission percentage. Now a growing number of owners who perform exclusive contract. The changes also affected the commercial real estate. Now the owners of premises have become much more tractable. So, recently there was an interesting case. In the real estate agency came two of the owner, wanting to rent afisnye premises. And they were very surprised when realtors offered to pay them for their services.