Westfa GmbH Acquires Vitogaz Germany GmbH

Hagener liquid gas providers strongly on growth aligned the North Rhine-Westphalian LPG provider Westfa acquires Oldenburg Vitogaz Germany GmbH. The Hagen company is thus increasingly aimed at growth and further expands its market position in the ranks of Germany’s leading liquefied natural gas. Total Community sales of the two companies is now around 180 million euros. The acquisition of Vitogaz Germany expands the Westfa Vertriebs – und Verwaltungs-GmbH further in the area of liquefied petroleum gas sales and remains successful growth course. Because both companies are specialized in this field of business, but with different characteristics and strengths: Westfa’s core business lies in the area of liquefied gas supply from private households as well as commercial and industrial. In contrast, Vitogaz focuses primarily on the distribution of LPG. The respective strengths of both companies complement each other optimally. Also acquires the Hagener companies operate with an attractive portfolio of services, the renowned Customers, targeted infrastructure and intelligent logistics.

Also the regional supplements of both companies are exemplary. The existing Westfa sales network is expanded through the local presence of Vitogaz and created a dense sales network. In this way is Westfa able throughout Germany reliably to the needs of its customers to enter. Westfa CEO Oliver Nehring sums up: thanks to our now ideal Advanced portfolio we can meet the challenges of the market also in the future and continue to meet the expectations of our customers. We meet of course also clearly on course for growth in the total range LPG more acquisitions and expansions are not excluded.