The Sea

The men congregate themselves in return of the altar. The dance starts. They have whips and weapons wooden in the hands. The punished ones try to come back, but they are expulsos and they pass to be watched by sentries. The sentries point with respect to the ones that go to be possessed. The possession starts, the men trembles, the eyes had reviewed, a thick dribble leaves for the mouth the first one to be possessed is ' ' caporal of servios' ' , that it asks for fire to be burnt and to show that is really possessed.

After that, one of the punished ones returns possessed person for ' ' conductor of locomotiva' ' it almost walks the time all between ' ' palcio' ' the sacrifice altar. Later who it appears is ' ' captain of the sea vermelho' ' , that it marches as the British army. After that they appear ' ' woman of mdico' ' , ' ' lieutenant of the sea vermelho' ' , ' ' governador' ' ' ' woman of Salmon' lieutenant; ' , that she goes to make inspection of new ' ' statue of governador' '. ' ' tenente' ' it has broken an egg in the head of the statue to represent the plume that the British governors use in the hat. At this moment it appears a scene of the ceremony of opening of the State legislature in Accra and the narrator compares this with the ritual, saying that if the order of the ceremonies he is different, the protocol is the same. ' ' State maior' ' if it congregates for inspection of ' ' palace of governo' '. If the governor not to like, will have fine. But it reveals satisfied. More ahead they appear ' ' general' ' , one ' ' soldado' ' , ' ' secretary geral' ' , one ' ' driver of caminho' ' , and ' ' commander mau' ' - these three last ones punished.