The Normal

In this mythical story it is possible according to catch a sensible inversion of that it seems to contradict all the criacionista theory, which, what it stimulated the deflagration of them to be able the holy ghosts if gave by means of the verbalizao of the action through of it speaks. What it overlaps the mythical text of the Greeks to the Christian text of gnese divine for the use of the cosmic outburst of laughter in place of the verb in the imperative direction. Such overlapping can until seeming simple and inconsequential, but the fact assumes great importance when taking itself in consideration of that, ahead of the action the laugh is generated, happening one analyzes comparative where the normal one if opposes the abnormal person in order to evidence ridicule, that is the agreement of the situation not if of the one by means of the word said and yes by means of not said but subtendido of the relation between certain the made a mistake one. In the same way that what it is apprehended as sensible in a pardico text in the one after modernismo the limitation is not placed in enters the deep text of, that in the case would be referring the verbal one, and yes in what if can raise in the problematizao of both the texts by means of one analyzes that is extended stops beyond the subtendido said one and as certain missed e, as much at the moment of the writing of the first text, how much of as. This overlapping, between the normal one and abnormal person, and what gift in the image of the andradiano hero in the establishment of contestador ridicule becomes that if makes to recognize by means of the irony as being an irreverent hero, who not if aquieta at any moment, a child traquinas who already was born great, an adult who never was child, an overwhelming being for the search of the unattachable one, somebody that wanted to be everything, to be white, to be pretty, to be emperor, happy same having to be been born black retinto as son of the fear and the uncertainty.