Domingo Gonzales

It is unfortunate but it is the pure truth. The MIGBank Broker that has as main trader Fcamsa – Fxbot this in the eye of the storm, due to operations conducted by Domingo Gonzales, responsible for the handling of Fxbot, to trade in the Forex, is showing nothing rewarding results. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Elie Rieder. Almost the capital of investors has been reduced by 30% and everything indicates that in a few weeks more it will reach consummated. Against such loss more than one being processed for revoking the contract with Fcamsa and consequently order the detention of the operations. And the reasons are obvious. Because many investors took them sweat and sleeplessness for money and a supposed successful trader wants it to purposely end. Because that is what evidence the screens of Metatrader 4. The results are to die of cholera, three malicious acts: 1.

operations that reach with positive benefits even with yields of 78,85,112 euros, and that anyone I would want to close it, it does not. Closes when this to been reduced at 1.60, 1.87, 2.10. 2. The BUY Stop (limited purchase) are made with a quote above the preferential, i.e. a good trader would buy into the latest support, however Fxbot does in the last resistance. 3.

The Stop(venta limitada) Sell are made with a very low budget, i.e. it sorts in the last resistance. thing that when you enter online gets lost – 40 or – 50. In addition according to the investors who participate in various forums, they express that the holder does not respond when prompted explanation thereon. This has filled the glass of the disagreement and has become in an open repudiation. According to the communique utlimo released by Fcamsa, says that it will improve the attention to clients, but it does not explain the reason for his failure as a trader, nor mentions a possible reversal. It seems that he does not feel in the least nor sympathizes with the despair of the thousands and thousands of investors.Any investor currently has around his head with the ghost of total bankruptcy. On the other hand MIGbank not Nothing in this regard, that in part has responsibility in the subject by which the relationship between broker and trader in this case is very close is pronounced. Since the discrediting of one affects the other course.Well but makes it at least a readjustment with respect to the Fcamsa traded, shortly there will be an avalanche of protest in the pages. We hope that these two companies are claimed to demonstrate responsibility with what they have promised, for the sake of their investors and therefore for the sake of them.

Technical Products

When the reality shows that the decision of buying a home, potential buyers take into account many more factors when choosing your future property. In this way, the greatest progress we have seen in the different real estate portals of our country have focused on better sell the home itself, through a more complete information or maybe just more showy of the property itself: downloadable drawings, memories of qualities, surfaces broken down per stay have gone from artistic perspectives perspectives 3D photorealistic when not directly to pictures of the pilots. And we are also seeing virtual flights of urbanization, virtual visits to the different types of housing throughout a very expensive deployment of means that, ultimately, never replaces the classroom itself, visit given that nobody takes a decision of this magnitude directly on-line purchase without having previously been on the ground. Source: Realtor. The value of the environment but back again to the commented misconception two paragraphs back. Real estate portals focus on information that give the home itself, neglecting fundamental aspects such as those of the environment. It is a perspective of a vision of manufacturer: who manufactures a product is often feel so proud of your own product which believes that only with highlight its multiple virtues should be enough to convince potential customers of their benefits. However, this perspective forget that people buy products or services based on profits, whether tangible or intangible, that we hope that these products or services we provide.

I.e., we do not buy the technical characteristics of the products, but by the benefits or value that these products will bring. In the case of the purchase of a home, it is important know whether it is a townhouse or an apartment, if we buy a chalet or we will comply with a floor. But it is no less important to know how they will be our neighbors, how I can move at my place of work or, if I have children in school age, among which schools I can choose to take them.

Looking For Hotel In Mendoza

The province of Mendoza has a network of hotel infrastructure in constant growth and expansion. A network that includes all styles and profiles of travelers needs. As good land of diversity, with sights to the length and breadth of its entire territory, Mendoza offers the visitor, through their accommodation, the necessary comfort for an unforgettable stay. Without a doubt, there is a hotel in Mendoza to please the wishes and needs of every visitor. San Rafael, for example, offers traditional, such as departments or central hotels accommodations, and others in tune with its spectacular natural scenery.

Thus, those who wish to spend your stay next to the dam of El Nihuil dam or Lake Valle Grande, with its varied offer of sport activities and tourism adventure, can opt to campsites, cabins or aparts. Malargue proudly wears its Crown Jewel: the valle de Las Lenas. One of the most important ski centers in the country, famous for the variety and quality of its tracks, the valle de Las Lenas attracts to athletes and fans from all over the world. Your hotel offer, in keeping with the importance of the place, love for quality, originality and luxury. Already traditional place, its hotels with names of signs of the Zodiac has deservedly what what each hotel in Mendoza sucks: satisfied visitors who return again and again. But accommodation in Las Lenas options are not exhausted at the traditional hotel in Mendoza City. This incredible province always holds a surprise. In this case, in the form of the imposing Villa Capricorn, apartment complex Canadian style located in the heart of the Valley.

With direct access to all tracks, Villa Capricorn invites to live a unique experience of luxury and comfort, that combines the privacy of an apartment with the services of best hotel category. Mendoza Capital has a selection of so broad that it is possible to find there from economic hostels to luxury hotels five star hotels. Find hotel in Mendoza Capital ideally is inclined to those located in residential neighborhoods, but few minutes from downtown, as it is the case with Executive Hotel Park Suites. This luxurious four stars, located so close to the bustling activity of the Centre as the rugged beauty of parque San Martin, ranks every day as one of the main references in Mendoza City luxury accommodation. Original author and source of the article.

Labour Inspectorates

Labour inspections have ceased to be a mere process of on-site verification of the fulfilment of the payment of salaries and benefits socaires for directional its objective verification of the facts (to the way in which benefits of workers are executed). Trend: Discusses relevant issues in terms of provenance or no employment contracts, denaturation of brokering and outsourcing, and the application of the principle of primacy of the reality in the case of contracts for services locution.In addition to verification of compliance with rules on safety and health at work. Frequent problems lack of information of how it develops an inspection, how should the employer act without that this becomes an obstruction.Example the non-attendance of the employer to a subpoena for a subpoena.Obstruction to the task of inspection when the employer does not leave to declare a worker. That must make the employer?A labour inspection must always be reported, except in certain cases justifying them, not be true as it may affect the process of the inspection itself. Verification can be done in the workplace, on the premises of the Ministry of labour. The employer in summary, should allow the entrance of the inspector (previously identified as such) and provide the information that is required. That verified?They are three aspects that are verified 1.-hiring hm2.-payment of salaries and benefits socialesLa electronic worksheet is the primary source of information on the level of compliance with labour and social standards and tributarias.3.-formal obligations (example: health and safety standards).

If found missing in employer, are you hara a requirement (deadline that remedying these breaches). Failure to comply with this procedure will initiate the sanctioning procedure that can end in administrative fine more requirement that comply with infraccionadas standards. And your company successfully passed an inspection?Who knows the three designated labour aspects should let us be prepared but.Frequently is that the reason for the infraciciones is not always because the employer does not want to comply with the laws, in many cases situations such as: 1.-how to interpret the Easier2.-ignorance of the way calculo3.-a bad labour consultancy. The audit laboralUsted must be prepared, an x-ray of how are things you would help. For that there are labor audits, which are designed to correct the omissions and/or misinterpretations of the provisions at stake.

Contracting Party

Through the electronic register all incoming and outgoing documentation is recorded, returning a proof of submission to the company. The service must provide, in addition, a system of digital lacrado which ensures that the virtual envelopes be opened at the right time and not before, which implies the incorporation of functionality in the management module internal to the electronic opening of virtual envelopes. Finally, the electronic tendering service It should also offer the possibility of signing the contracts from the Internet. Tenders, service destined to the consultation of records in which a company will be bidding, prior authentication of the same. Notifications, through a system of electronic notifications, every company that is subscribed to this service, may receive all their notifications in electronic, safe and truthful way. Receipt of e-Bills: should der a portal intended for the reception of electronic invoices, in different formats, among them the format factura-e (which will be required by the public administration in our country as of November 1, 2010). Received invoices should be directly incorporated into the dossier that correspond and sent to an approval process that will receive the approvals by financial policy-makers.

More general services that should offer an e-procurement solution include: electronic publications service, which send ads and spreads to the State Contracting platform automatically and/or the Contracting Party profile of administration in particular. Electronic notifications service, which could use the platform of post and Telegraph for the management of notifications, but also should be a service open to integration with other platforms. Validation service electronic signature, integrating with the platform @firma. Service of notices and alerts, will calculate the time limits determined in the recruitment process and will automatically generate reminders and alerts for both brokers and companies. Although there is still a long way to go, we are not so far to go. The Spanish public administration has demonstrated in recent years, the interest and effort employed to modernize their organisational processes, promote new technologies and continue moving towards the optimum point in the search for the eGovernment.