As Increase 8 Kilos Of Mass Muscle In 45 Days

All the Web can find people telling you to do this or that, you take this or that product to get strong, but at the end you end up with your Pocket vacuum and without a drop of new muscle, I’m going to say something, I am 34 years old, of which I have spent 15 years in the world of bodybuilding and bodybuilding, and it wasn’t but until 4 years ago that I discovered the true path to follow to gain quality muscle massnatural and permanent, started doing what they call bodybuilding no-nonsense, and how is that? Because searching for all the Web some magical formula that would help me break the deadlock muscle where I was, something that changed the way I train, I got with a publication of a Lord named Vince del Monte, immediately I started to read what they had purchased. I realized that for many years I was wrong, for a long time to implement training routines that I just left tired and without an acceptable gain new muscle, then, then read this book several times, I started to follow step by step the indications that this gave me, after a month and a half had managed to increase 8 kilos of muscle mass solid, without steroids, without having to be spending a fortune on nutritional supplements, just doing what he had learned, and it was what I learned? Well to work how is you have to work the muscle to grow it. If you are of those who goes to the gym regularly, 4 or 5 days a week you can notice that there are people who focus their training in a day working pectorals and triceps, another day, back and biceps, legs and shoulders are trained on the third day and so on combinations of routines that does not leave les any result in the majority of cases they perform, unless you consume excessive amounts of steroids. This method has been used for years and unfortunately doesn’t work for everyone, I would say that it works for that minority who helps with anabolic steroids.

Thanks to the book bodybuilding no-nonsense learned that the body responds well, what train it intelligently, if you’re a bodybuilder beginner or intermediate, I recommend focusing on routines where the body only work three days a week, you focus on compound exercises and do not isolate muscles, i.e., gives priority to the exercises as the pres of banking, rowing in high or low pulley, sit-ups, etc. And rests a day from through, gives opportunity to the muscle that recovers, from to grow, the muscle doesn’t grow when you exercise, but during the break, and takes at least 48 hours to be suitable for a new routine, not comets the error of work a same muscle on consecutive days, that take you inevitably to envelope training and therefore instead of winningYou will lose muscle mass. Another factor that you should monitor for acceptable gain diet or diet, but I have good news, there is a wrong saying that says that to be great you have to eat big, that is not so true, to become big should loa foods suitable in adequate quantities. Do you want to be big? Then eat any crap that you get. do you want to be muscular? As what muscle needs, they don’t have to eat industrial quantities of food, or you have to spend tons of money on supplements, in fact supplements give you only 1% of profits, the other 99% get it with meals.