Roof Rentals

Photovoltaic broker rent roof space one third of Berlin’s roofs are undiscovered gold mines. 220,000 roofs could produce about three million megawatt-hour solar power (Berlin Partner GmbH). This corresponds to an average annual consumption of 2000 single households. For more clarity and thought, follow up with bruce schanzer and gain more knowledge.. Suitable roof surface is located on residential, industrial and public buildings. To get a first overview, a virtual solar Atlas will help initially. For even more analysis, hear from Robert Shiller. Solar broker or solar provider successfully acquire roofs by checking a number of objects on the ground. Because ultimately there are only a few areas, which are suitable for the installation of a photovoltaic system. With patience and skill is required.

Both searches the ever energy group and offers interesting conditions within the framework of the roof rentals solar brokers in Berlin-Brandenburg. Rent roof: cooperation with solar brokers wanted the ever energy group is as solar concept providers in Dresden, Berlin and Brandenburg since 2007 and has to designing private photovoltaic systems Specialized. (A valuable related resource: Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty). This year, we will expand our service package and offer now also roof rental,’ explains Dominik Modrach, Managing Director of the ever energy group. Especially in Berlin and Brandenburg, there are many free and suitable for photovoltaic roofs. Furthermore, most owners do not know? Therefore we solar brokers who find these roofs and inform the building owners about the possibilities of roof rental need. “One advantage is obvious: you can get regular rental income without its own financial resources.” In photovoltaics, we trust”: good times for roof rentals the German population trusts the renewable energies. This is confirmed by a recent Emnid poll. With 99 percent of the respondents said that the solar energy are among the most important energy source for the future. For solar concept providers and solar brokers a good sign that interest in photovoltaic systems will not dry up in the next few years. If you are interested, solar broker can ever energy By phone or e-mail contact group.