Real Estate Transactions

Rights and obligations of buyer and seller who is a new home searches, must pay attention to many things. However, not only the State real estate and the terms of the leases or purchase contract are of importance. The real estate site shows how important it is to ensure the brokerage fee for broker transactions. Those least interested to know what is actually behind the term brokerage. It is just another word for the brokerage, which is for help with the mediation and the purchase of a property. Usually, she will be paid by the customer to the intermediary. The brokerage fee, typically on three to seven percent at estate sales or on up to two net – month rent at real estate rentals is in Germany.

Real estate contracts, aimed at commercial use, the amount of the brokerage fee is set in the Treaty. General real estate agent and customer before contract about the exact brokerage and brokerage must commit themselves, which then becomes due at the conclusion of a purchase or lease agreement. One Brokerage can be acquired in private real estate transactions entirely by either seller or buyer or split between the two. No brokerage fee claim, if the intermediary itself is landlord, owner, tenant or Manager of the corresponding apartment or House. In addition, the fee is waived if an employee of the brokerage firm assumes the mediation or the representative of as Managing Director of a GmbH is owner of the property. Often brokers settle their claims for brokerage notarized the contract. Real estate buyers are advised to agree, so that in the event of a dispute it is accessible back basically contractually on the brokerage.