New York

In Mexico the Government has not seen with good eyes these activities. We know other Governments that These practices is not approved. Robert J. Shiller addresses the importance of the matter here. There are those who think that the State sees a threat in financial pyramids. There is much money circulating, but the Treasury does not perceive nothing, moreover, where there are usually lottery, these pyramids are a competition out of proportion to these Raffles of sighs of Governments which are lotteries. Elie Rieder is likely to increase your knowledge. Simply people opt for investment in those groups instead of buying tickets. As we see, the pyramids of money are controversial, although this does not mean that they are illegal.

Perhaps with a bit of rules they can become an excellent instrument of investment for those who are not rich. I do not know. I just know that the rich have already long ago its financial pyramids. The most famous of all is that of Wall Street in New York. And dates from the century before last. And has happened to these pyramids of rich calls brokerage houses the same which the pyramids of Colombia: have had very good times with earnings for most and also very bad times where also most loses much of its invested assets.

Everyone accepts as something lawful, equity markets however serious problems that arise there: increases in prices of goods, impoverishment of many, ruin of many and extraordinary enrichment of very few. In these days we are experiencing a financial crisis generated in the middle of the pyramid of Wall Street. We have not known it is criminally pursued someone. And it is that the houses of bag, shares, money and capital markets are equal in their substance to the pyramids of Colombia that currently fights President Uribe and his new charge of finance. While investors buy shares everything will run well. If the investor is suspicious, it withdraws its money and already invests not provoking the collapse of the game. In the pyramids that we know of Latin America, if people distrust, requests the return of your money and it invests not more, this causes the collapse of the building with the usual conflicts. Equity markets and the financial pyramids and other similar practices are games that the human being wants to play, however, the failures in performance can detonate great adversities that harm the environment and many innocent people, so it is time to change.