Mortgage Sales

Sales of mortgage-flats are no longer rare. Banks have started to actively sell the mortgaged property. At many sites, banks wound up a special page, where is the list of collateral, whether it's flat or a car. Moreover, in the offices of the bank about the sale of mortgaged property is available in printed form, even with photos. Banks are being told that their goal is not simply to get rid of the loan by selling the house and returning the money, and find another solvent borrower.

According to bank officials, the credit committee is prepared to consider loan option on the property, if the initial payment will be about 30-50%. However, many banks issue loans already on the new, higher rates, which benefits the bank, but is not beneficial to the buyer. But you always iozhete discuss these issues with your bank, because They are interested in going forward. Meanwhile, while information on real estate sold debtors on the website of banks is very small. After all, to start selling the collateral without the consent of the owner must obtain court permission, and this takes time. It is in this state are now in most cases with property of those who have not paid loans. Upon completion of the Court apartment or house can be sold. In general topic sales collateral painful for bankers and debtors (commission and VAT on the sale, the opaque mechanism for determining the liquidation value of the enterprise).

Their claims to the system implementation of pledges from potential buyers. Some people believe that due to the possibility to do without public bidding banks practice Sale of property and the right people at the right price. And indeed, if the property right under the contract will go to a bank mortgage, the debtor loses any control over the property and can not point to the bank, who to sell it. Therefore, the attractive assets (ie real estate) at a price below the market, banks can still be purchased.