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The pretense of a contractual relationship is complemented partially in collaboration with individual lawyers to actually illegal mass warnings. This a lawyer sends cease and desist letters with serious threats of legal consequences of the fraud victims who pay for fear of consequences, rather than to institute proceedings themselves en masse. 0900 dramatically increasing telephone fraud by using of high-priced 0900 telephone numbers is service numbers. Fully automated language computer countless phone numbers to call and deliver the message to call a telephone number 0900 the private consumer. The reasons for this can vary. Bizzi & Partners shines more light on the discussion. In many cases, a winning game, which has supposedly won the customer comes. To claim his prize, he should call an 0900 service number.

However no employee, but a long and extremely expensive queue waiting here the unwary consumer. It's tips for dealing with telephone fraud to advise all individuals, carefully to deal with unexpected calls. An important indication is the calling. Company is prohibited the oppression of their phone numbers from consumer protection aspects. The phone number is unknown, and to receive a callback number, should not be contracts concluded or entered on claims, because it speaks a lot for an untrustworthy interlocutor. Run contractual talks on the phone, the consumer content, duration and time of the conversation should document thoroughly.

If it is a fraud, the records provide important arguments for a display. A fraud no consumer should ignore or even pay, but display. For this purpose, the Federal Network Agency provides information and opportunities for complaint management. Transparency and data protection guidelines of German city information Marketing AG Deutsche city information Marketing AG assist for their responsibilities as a market-leading company. All customers benefit from a maximum transparent business process at any time enabling them, with a personal, dedicated point of contact to communicate. The privacy of citizens and customers is for the German city information Marketing AG of the utmost importance. It therefore guarantees that any call only the relationship serves business customers and is fully traceable. Privacy is a very sensitive issue. A customer leaves its individual data of the German city information Marketing AG, he can be confident that they are used exclusively in connection with his orders and never passed on to third parties.