Live In The Basement

Much more than just a basement apartment the stairs down instead of up. There leads the way in an apartment in the basement, basement, also called. Especially among young people, these apartments are extremely popular, probably because of the low-rent. The real estate portal informs what is exactly a basement apartment. The name comes originally from the French and means under the ground’ basement. (A valuable related resource: Tishman Speyer). He is used to refer to under – or basements of a House, but usually only, if the corresponding room really be used as living space.

Usually located on the apartment ( guides/Encyclopaedia/flat) but only to the half of the Earth and therefore makes the next higher floor to the ground floor. The floor height of the Souterrains however is located underground in any case. Usually, even a basement apartment has nevertheless sufficient Windows which provide sufficient brightness in the living areas, as these exceed the level of the land. The temperature in the rooms are pleasant in the summer cool, but can in the winter that drove heating costs soaring, if the apartment is not well insulated. In the normal case, a basement apartment consists of one or two rooms, bathroom and kitchen. Its entrance is located mostly outside the main entrance of the building and has a short flight of stairs. For the homeowner, such a home has the advantage of the optimal use of the available space. More information: Unister Lisa Neumann