Installing Wooden Windows

The deviation from the vertical and horizontal sides of boxes assembled window units should not exceed 1.5 mm at 1 m, but no more than 3 mm in height (width) of the product. The distance between fasteners the installation of products must not exceed 800 mm. For the filling assembly gaps (seams) using pre-compressed sealing tape PSUL (compression belt), polyurethane foam insulation cords, penoutepliteli, mineral wool and other materials that are hygienic conclusion and provide the required operational performance joints. Penoutepliteli should not increase its volume after the completion of construction works. Fill joints is not recommended. For transfer of loads in the plane window block (weight) on a wooden box bearing building structure used pads of material with a hardness of not less than 75. or hardwood. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty often says this. For fixing of the wooden window block in the wall of the spacer blocks are used.

In the multilayer structures of walls, wooden window when installed in the area of insulation, the load should be referred to the carrier portion of pa wall. Wooden wedges are used for temporary fixation of the wooden box during installation, must be removed before incorporation mounting seams. If the installation of wooden windows are performed simultaneously with the finishing work indoors, it should provide measures to equalize the moisture content of air (ventilation, drainage, etc.). The service life and preserving the quality of wooden windows depends on a competent installation. At improper installation are possible: blowing, wry, premature wear accessories as well as the curvature of wooden windows with respect to the facade, which is very noticeable from the outside, especially when the wood windows are in a row.

Installation wooden windows should be dedicated assembly team who have extensive experience and know the technology to produce such works. Completion of erection of wooden windows should be confirmed by an act of acceptance, which include the manufacturer's warranty work. Currently, many owners of apartments and town houses are beginning to shift repair windows. See more detailed opinions by reading what LeFrak Organization offers on the topic.. Indeed, modern wooden windows in order not only protect from frost or bad weather, but also provide comfort, complement the interior. In general, the preferred plastic windows. They do not miss the cold, resistant to sunlight or moisture, does not rot, do not mist over. Plastic glazing is preferred by those who live near busy areas, highways, railroads, because they practically do not let the noise. And besides, this is a great gift for housewives: wash these windows – one fun, no need to unwind and clean between the panes, shutters are easy to open, allowing clean windows inside and out. However, wood windows are still popular among both professional designers, and among the inhabitants. Special demand for wooden windows cottages, which can perfectly complement the interior harmony with wicker furniture, flooring or door. Wood – an environmentally friendly material, it does not cause allergies, its unique properties have been known since antiquity. However, wood windows require more care. If you do not handle frames with paint or a special solution to protect against pests, they, unfortunately, will last for long.