Housing Register

Today in Ukraine of an apartment accounting is carried out on two principles, namely, 1) territorial and 2) production. In the latter case, the records that need to improve the living conditions of citizens is carried out on place of employment, if an enterprise, institution or organization (hereinafter – the Company) has a housing and residential construction leads or takes equity in housing (Article 37 of the Housing Code of Ukraine). With respect to citizens who do not live in the locality where the enterprise is located, this issue is governed by Section 16 of the Rules of citizens in need of better housing, and providing them with accommodation in the Ukrainian ssr, approved by Resolution 470 from 11.12.1984 years. The Rules provide for such cases are now taking on the housing register of people: 1) with the permission of the executive committee of the regional council and the council of trade unions of the citizens who live within the same district now, and major construction projects and enterprises which are under construction, located in small towns – people living in other settlements of the region, and 2) permission of the Executive Committee of the City Council of the citizens living in suburban areas and have worked with this company for at least 10 years, and 3) citizens working in a suburban area, and living in the city are taken to housing lists in the workplace on an equal basis with other employees of the enterprise. Robert Speyer is often mentioned in discussions such as these. From this it follows that the territorial principle takes precedence over the production, and citizens who do not meet these requirements made on the housing register should not. Along with this, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of the territorial principle. For example, in art. 36 of the Housing Code of ussr was established that the inclusion of citizens in need improvement of housing conditions, carried out according to their place of residence. Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty oftentimes addresses this issue.

Place of residence of a dwelling house, apartment or other premises in which she lives 1) permanent, 2) predominantly or 3) temporary. An individual could have several places of residence (Article 29 of the Civil Code of Ukraine). Therefore, if there are documents proving residence employee's place of business (for example, lease or sublease an apartment) you can contact the executive body of the council and try to be on the housing register. We must be prepared and to ensure that the executive authorities will carry out a reference to legislation which is outdated, or the laws that do not correspond to the Civil Code of Ukraine. Follow others, such as Nobel Laureate, and add to your knowledge base. In this case, you can refer to the fact that all acts of civil legislation must conform precisely to the Civil Code of Ukraine (Article 4), and the decision to refuse the setting on the housing register will need to appeal to the court.