Housing Development

In the current environment, in fact, identified priority areas for housing development: reduced number of storeys of buildings, development of new cost-effective building systems and structures and technologies of their manufacture and installation. Among the variety of building materials, small-pieces wall panels and insulating panels are the basis of individual building in suburban, village, rural, and now, and in urban conditions. The concept of low-rise housing for the urban environment is now receiving broader interpretation. The cheapest of all the alternative types of materials are the blocks of foam (foam blocks), allowing reduce the cost of residential buildings during construction by the developers themselves in a 2-3. Aerated concrete, a variety of cellular concrete. According to their properties and applications similar to the aerated concrete. (Definition of TSB) Foam is created by uniform distribution of air bubbles throughout the mass of concrete.

In contrast to the aerated concrete aerated concrete is obtained not by means of chemical reactions, and by mechanical mixing preformed foam concrete mixture. Foam concrete – an economical, easy to use, environmentally friendly material that meets needs of today. Our company has mastered the production of foam blocks. A distinctive feature of our foam block is the high accuracy of geometric dimensions, high insulation quality, unique sound-absorbing properties. Individual approach to each customer allows us to find the most effective scheme cooperation. Thus, the cost of high-density foam blocks equal to the cost of building blocks. Our goal – long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Due to our constant partners we have achieved today success and we hope to develop in the future. We offer our customers a variety of schemes of work – providing a flexible system of discounts, the provision of commercial credit and payment terms. Well, to cooperate with the Company 'Lana' or our competitors – is certainly up to you. Welcome to our website, call and make the right choice!