Group Housing Station

Starting in 2013, carrying sow group housing is prescribed in pig houses. WEDA has developed the new polling station sow-comp with improved visualization. Starting in 2013, carrying sow group housing is prescribed in pig houses. Therefore, WEDA has developed the new polling station sow-comp with improved visualization can be connected up to 25 units. With the new system, farmers make their entire livestock more flexibly and more efficiently. In future, these instruments are becoming increasingly important, because it positively influence success in producing piglets during gestation the sows. Each animal is identified by an ear tag on the control computer, which matches the food needs of the individual animal data.

The amount of feed is adjusted depending on the class and gestation and automatically adjusted based on the weight of sows. Accordingly, the system dosing the amount of feed into the trough, which is attributed to the sow. Has an animal exhausted its quota, the system switches off the components, the Technology to conserve and save energy. The WEDA polling station is used not only as a feeding machine but also as a stable management system. A holistic instrument with intelligent control to the page, which adapts to individual requirements and changed company size is the farmer with the sow-comp. The system is fault-resistant, good to use and particularly suited for keeping large groups. The visual appearance of the plant, which provides users with the status of polling stations, the food kitchen of animal movements has been significantly improved. At the polling station, the status lights are so attached that they out well from any location in the barn are.

New is that it is now up to 25 polling stations and devices which can be connected to a system. Each station can be manually selected by the computer's desire and operated to obtain more detailed information and to make settings. The control computer of the sow-comp is Separierungs-ISO-NET enabled and with the common feeding and heat systems compatible. It can be simply the WEDA calculator excellently connected to 4PX, which controls the processes in the food kitchen, and monitors. The calculator requests the exact amounts of food in the feeding computer to prevent surpluses. Each station can be liquid, dry the common types of feed or feed additives. Three color varieties for marking can be installed per station. The Farbdosierer sign the level regularly to the control system, which, in turn, indicates for how many animals the color is sufficient. Extensive documentation the farmer delivers all relevant data to the comprehensive assessment of the condition of his animals. In addition to the feed intake of the last ten days, the number of visits to the station is recorded in this period; In addition, the routes of individual sows and thus their activity level and condition are recorded. In addition, the user can query the current position of individual animals in the station: are too many animals in the course of selection, is the access to the polling stations for other animals is locked, freed up the gang. This provides more space and peace and means less stress in the stable because conflicts and thus injury to the animals to prevent. Advantages of the new WEDA polling station: status lamps at the polling station from all sides visible - process visualization of the entire system - direct dialling from up to 25 stations via a computer simple, efficient management of large herds.