Difficult Choice – To Buy An Apartment? Or Is It To Rent An Apartment ?

Have their own roof over their head they want everything, but not everyone can afford it, to the extent where you want. Out of this impasse is almost only one - to rent an apartment. Rent an apartment in Moscow not simple, and - not because of cheap. And yet, in some cases, the solution 'to rent an apartment' unexpectedly turns out significantly cheaper than the solution 'to buy an apartment. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Professor Rita McGrath. " And this situation is practically equivalent for both the short and for long term rental housing. The main thing is - the desire and ability! Most importantly, buying a new apartment - it's a waste of time, you ought to sell the old apartment and buy a new one.

In addition, in the case when the client used to good living conditions, creating similar conditions in the purchased house can be extremely expensive, so expensive that after selling the old apartment, he is unlikely to be able to pay for repairs to the long-awaited apartment. Simply speaking, rents for them - this is a significant savings and financial resources, and time. And, of course, if you're going to rent, then do not refuse services offered by real estate agency. In last year or two for those who rents an apartment there is a whole list of requirements for rental housing, such as: apartment have decent furniture, equipped with electrical appliances, etc. However, for a long time to take an apartment can often be without any conditions, so that the tenant had the opportunity to buy a necessary piece of furniture or bring it to the old apartment and furnished rental unit to your liking. When renting for a short time, the main requirement is the area of the apartment, including proximity to the subway, bus stop and so on. This is because people who settle in Moscow for a short time, they want to live in the thick of things, and no nearby access to public transportation makes them uncomfortable in visiting public spaces, proximity to metro station allows them, not least, visit the sights of the capital is not wondering about how to return home without getting lost and not pay for an expensive taxi Moscow.