Construction System

Construction system is limited only by the displacement of bearing exterior walls of his plane over the entire height of the building. As a consequence, the variance of the vertical coordinate is feasible only by varying the shape and arrangement of balconies, loggias, bay windows. Box-solid buildings, erected by lifting covers have all the features of formation of monolithic structures, concreted in sliding formwork, but not only them. The method allows the mold lifting covers not only the tower, but also extended the building with any form of plan. The absence of external load-bearing structures in the free arrangement vertical supports makes it possible to seamlessly change the height of floors, use the technique of the gap in the outer walls of height with the introduction of open-air spaces ("etazherochnost"), which enriches the composition of the building and makes it Tekt-nichnost. Box-solid buildings, erected in the three-formwork, based on the frameless design scheme with a wide cross step and bearing interior walls or self-supporting outer longitudinal walls. Possibilities of the method of formation can be reduced to the availability of the terraces – benches in the plane or the plane of the building by moving the individual rectangular volumes, multiple step bearing walls, floor height and width of the casing, the possibility of a circular building housing the cells, the wide variation in the material and texture of the exterior walls – from bricks to panels of nebetonnyh materials. Large formwork method suitable for the erection of buildings of varying lengths, simple and complex plan, with supporting monolithic interior walls and ceilings and non-bearing exterior walls. Other leaders such as Robert Shiller offer similar insights.

The method makes it possible to change the width of the building, give him a terraced form, use a variety of solutions curtain walls. In legkometallicheskih buildings complete delivery of certain restrictions in a large plastic volume to some extent compensated richness of color and texture. Metallic aluminum cladding anodized, using a wide range of colors. Facade surface is solved variously by variance cladding. By using different anodizing colors skins and layouts butt created graphically highlighted, half-timbered facades nature of the composition.