Construction Boom

Once a country like a single huge housing construction project, has turned suddenly into the country the mass of unfinished housing projects. Pattern there is a very lamentable: Frozen buildings; empty, put in service, residential apartment buildings, the housing market virtually ceased to exist: a proposal – there is, and demand – not. Construction in progress – is "like an eyesore." Potential buyers as "the devil Frankincense is now afraid of new buildings, mistrust of the population to grow them. With the new buildings no one wants to be the case, although prices for "primary" housing have dropped significantly. Builders are trying hard to implement or by any means, just built their homes. The sole purpose: to return, at least partially invested in the construction money.

On profit builders did not even think. Investors are also concerned that can not be realized due to costs constructed housing that did. Invested in housing, investors actually "burned". All of this negative situation can lead to the fact that after two or three years, new buildings for sale will generally not as "Secondary" housing for all who need not be satisfied. That would have the majority of Ukrainians live in rented accommodation as abroad.

Oddly, but out of this situation is not yet clear. Some say that the market Housing will revive, but only a few years. Others are predicting that the housing market, "kicked the bucket" and is unlikely to be revived ever since state of the economy is deteriorating day by day. Note: currently, average cost per square meter "secondary" housing exceeds the cost of one square meter of the "primary" – 300-600 UAH