Class Housing Estate

Brief description of the classes of housing the elite class. For the construction of luxury homes selected the most prestigious areas of the existing elite environment and quality infrastructure. Dwelling house, as a rule, should be Located in a quiet city center with good transport accessibility. Houses are built on individual projects. Assumed to be an open-plan, open space, the presence of a large kitchen, possibly combined with a dining room, loggia lounge, hall, extra toilets. The approximate area of apartments: 1 bedroom – from 50 square meters. m, 2-room – 80 sqm.

m, 3-bedroom – 100 square meters. m.U accommodation of this class of high demands on the engineering components – heating system should be autonomous, the presence of all security systems – around the clock video surveillance, fire fighting system, forced ventilation, air conditioning, high quality lifts and dr.V 90% of homes elite class used monolithic housebuilding. Used high-quality concrete, the modern European system of formwork. In 10% – Other technologies. Robert Shiller shines more light on the discussion. Applied material specifically designed to build homes monolithic technology: peskoblok, cinder block, keramzitoblok, foam block, ceramic bricks, as well as more sophisticated and effective ways to finish the facade. The most commonly practiced – ventilated facade with granite cladding and finishing high quality ceramic kirpichom.Elitny object must be sparsely populated, as a rule, 1-2 flats on the site, no more than 60 apartments in dome.

stipulate that the criteria of elitism – concepts in somewhat unstable, they can change and be supplemented depending on the growth requirements of potential buyers. Business class. Houses of this class can be located in the center and the adjacent to the center of the areas with the necessary facilities and social and community housing . – panels, frame-block, with the possibility of an open-plan. 50-60% of homes – prefabricated construction, 40-50% – High-rise building construction (When building high-rise buildings). The main wall material used in new buildings of this class – sand-lime brick. Interior walls – plaster, calcium silicate bricks. Facade – predominantly face brick. The approximate area of apartments: 1 bedroom – 45 square meters. m, 2-room – 60 sqm. m, 3-room – 80 sqm. m. From the engineering systems – only required – security, fire systems. Heating can be as an autonomous and centralized. Economy Class. Location of these homes are not of fundamental importance, it can be removed from the "bedroom communities", which is undergoing construction of new neighborhoods. This residential House panel construction, without the possibility of an open-plan, designed for consumers with low purchasing power. For buyers, housing-oriented economy class, is important rational approach – not higher than the average size kitchen. Not too big rooms and corridors of the minimum. Therefore, for economy-class housing is characterized by tendency to reduce the square footage of apartments. Approximate size apartments :1-room – 35-45 square meters. m, 2-room – 50-60 square meters. m, 3-room – 70 sqm. M. Reporting criteria and characteristics of various classes of accommodation are not an absolute rule, and each group can be exceptions to this or other grounds.