Bulgarian Real Estate

Feel the difference in the behavior of the Russian man in the street during the crisis of the late 90-ies, and learning lives and property of the state, tempered investor today. When the market is 'tipped' in default, and if lack of alternative investment vehicles, a huge amount of money returned to the insatiable 'womb' of the capital and St. Petersburg real estate. Today the situation has changed radically. Additional information is available at Richard LeFrak. Russians, even with small money, basically do not want to support the 'curly' appetite for our builders. Translation prices in arbitrary units once again proves that the monopoly pricing in the Russian construction market will not kill any world crisis. Robert J. Shiller understood the implications. The more that buying property abroad from the category exclusivity has passed into everyday affairs.

According to analytical agencies demand for overseas property in 2009 increased by 32 percent compared with January 2008 year. The result of the demand in 2008 was a plus 28 percent. Impressive! The Russians did not immediately, but feel the difference between the one-sided hacienda on the one hundredth mile Yaroslavsky highway and luxurious apartments overlooking the sea blue. Property in Bulgaria in this competitive market leader for several years. Bulgaria to have 20-25 percent of sales of all foreign property in Russia. Conditioned originally low price and therefore high interest from investors: British, Irish, Scandinavians, and then the Russians. Let us see the dynamics of growth in property prices in Bulgaria: 2005god-an increase of 37% in 2006, 16% in 2007, 27% in 2008, 18%.