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Denmark's innovative Klassikmobil rental portal now also in German-speaking countries a vintage for the film production? A Vespa for the window decoration or a Cadillac for the most beautiful day of your life? Easy online booking? expands with in the German-speaking world. Classic beech and rental made easy is Scandinavia's largest booking portal for the hire of classic cars, boats, motorcycles and aircraft for use on the film set, at corporate events for VIP transport for commercials and photo shoots, in the Museum, at trade fairs or at private parties. is the largest online database for the unique vehicle rental and counts currently 230 objects worth over 20 million euros. 15,000 more are offline. On you will find US motorcycles and Italian scooter classic Porsche and Jaguar up to Cadillacs, double-decker buses and unique Military vehicles all kinds of classic vehicles. " the BROKERAGE site" for classic's booking system is as simple as unique: Car owners (private and commercial) make their jewelry pieces online for free no charge for it.

The anonymity of the objects is always maintained for safety reasons. The website automatically calculates the price of every customer's request on the basis of maximum speed, owner, address pick up, time, duration of rental, etc.. The booking functionality is unique in this form. Automatic email and SMS to the owner with the order details and acceptance request. After acceptance, semi automated confirmation pages to the customer. receives successful bookings a fee which will be deducted from the contract price. Foundation development of 2010 first occupied as a hobby project a market niche in Scandinavia and has been quickly known in the media. Persistent customer requests, in cooperation with the University of northern Denmark (AAU) launched a project to develop of an innovative pricing system, which has been used for 2012 on the site 2011. At the same time, more and more providers of classics on went online and the booking portal has become the largest and most successful in Scandinavia. early 2013 expanded to the United Kingdom. This press release marks the beginning of the expansion of in the German-speaking world. COUNTRY - and AREA MANAGER looking for looking for automotive enthusiasts who make partner, area & country Manager for the expansion of the network in the German-speaking markets. "More information: classic looking looking proud car owners, their lovers pieces within the meaning of the Shareconomy" rent and thus safe and easy money would like to more information: information and registration / it was once a STUDENT with a yellow VESPA before twenty years brought Claus Stig Christensen, founder of BOOKACLASSIC.COM, in the summer with his beloved 1971 Vespa Sprint by Aarhus in Denmark. In winter but found no affordable garage for the good piece and so came the poor but clever student on the idea to rent his Vespa as shop window decoration on dress shops in the city. Said and done: The acquisition tour lasted exactly one hour. The Vespa wintered in three stores and Claus had dusted winter clothes in addition equivalent of 400 euros worth. Slowly formed a mission and a business idea MISSION retrieves Companion with soul in the minds of the people of today.