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Also, apartments in new or second home is assessed them in two ways. You can call the real estate agency and ask the realtor to view the apartment on the ground, but you can call one of the agency's office and take advantage of the rapid assessment. 1. When the realtor leaves the house, you need to check his documents, learn about work experience. Inexperienced specialist likely will not be able to determine the exact price of the apartment. 2. Express – assessment may also be questionable.

Assessing the apartment over the phone, the specialist is likely to call the average cost of an apartment. The thing is that for the rapid assessment realtor enters into a database, which contains all the apartments and accurately set the price for them. Then, he is looking for an apartment similar to the description given, and is the value of real estate. This method of evaluation is not always good. There are times when specialists from different real estate agencies in their own way appreciate the same apartment.

Moreover, the error could reach. Self-reliance Many landlords thought not to apply to real estate agency and do not bother professional appraisers. They take the appraisal of the property itself, but is it possible in such a way to objectively determine the price? You can, but will have to make considerable efforts. To ensure that their forces up the price of real estate to buy books about the property, which offers apartments for rent, renovated apartments and of course the sale of apartments. After examining all the proposals, it is desirable compare the cost of real estate, which by the meter and other data are similar to your property. It is important that the sample size was large, otherwise difficult to call an objective value. This method of estimating the flat is its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the fact that you know your apartment is better than the realtor, who will evaluate them over the telephone. The disadvantage can be called the seller and the bias is too great confidence in the prices Apartments in advertising. The whole point is that very often the published price, this is not the price for which the apartment will still be sold by auction. Also another nuance that in the base price of real estate agents are thousands of apartments, and in the media no more than 50. That is why the sale of housing need to resort to at least two methods of assessment to sell real estate.