Managing Director

The closed-end funds HCI Berlin is the selection process of the summary prospectus check airport Center. The Fund is designed as investor-oriented. Hans-Peter Walter Kugler, Managing Director of verdict GmbH in Altusried im Allgau, checks for closed-end funds with the summary brochure-check and published these as PDF files and youtube video on. The summary prospectus check demands high investment levels, low soft costs, and a solid use of the liquidity reserve. Furthermore, funds characterized by a mostly positive performance record and a serious initiators occurrence with a positive rating. Only about 15 percent of the audited funds receive brochure check a positive conclusion. Contact information is here: The Related Companies.

Altusried, 01.06.2011 – HCI Berlin airport Center having the summary brochure-check positive go through, making it available at conclusion GmbH in Altusried im Allgau for investors. Managing Director Hans-Peter Walter Kugler sees the advantages of HCI funds especially in the high level of investment, the location, the tenant mix and the Acquisition at full occupancy. The conclusion-brochure-check to the HCI Berlin airport Center is available as a pdf download and youtube video on. Hans-Peter Walter Kugler with the summary brochure-check filters white”closed-end funds in the grey capital market. Since the formal BFin prescribed since 2005 provide no security seal, is testing the commercial viability and plausibility of funds via an intermediary for Walter Kugler of central importance. The summary prospectus-check provides therefore figures for the level of investment, the soft costs and to use the liquidity reserve, as well as a subjective assessment by Walter Kugler.

We do not select funds according to the highest Commission. We do exactly the opposite.” Recommended for the brochure check judgment conclusion”a closed-end Fund must have an investment level of at least 85 percent. Walter Kugler does not check Fund below 80 percent. The summary prospectus check represents the interests of the investor when determining participation in the foreground. To the person: Hans-Peter Walter Kugler is CEO of the conclusion of investment brokerage and asset management in Altusried im Allgau. He analyzed and selling closed-end funds for twenty years. Twelve years he worked at a major German bank. 1997 Walter Kugler has been independent financial advisers. He writes articles about closed-end funds (e.g. for performance, investment, real estate newspaper and euros on Sunday here with warnings in 2001 to fund by Falk and DBVI) since 1999. At seminars, he explained his approach to choosing a participation so far about 2,000 participants.

Heating in Homes

Especially when it comes to their use in the heating system of a private house, where there can be significant changes in temperature or pressure of water, and she is usually fairly well cleaned. Steel radiators most often paneled or tubular. Read more from Stephen M. Ross to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Panels are sheets of steel, shaped and welded together in such a way that formed between them channels through which coolant flows. Such devices heating very well give heat, but are relatively small (about 10-12 years old) life. For heating of private homes for the best heat transfer and reliability for today are steel pipe radiators, which are usually seamless pipe without joints and welds, which provide the necessary configuration (Arbonia, Sira, etc.).

In addition, such heating devices can have the most intricate form, which opens wide scope for the imagination of the designer on the interior (there are even radiators, "disguised" under the bench – for example, Zehnder Bank). Heating of a private house: fixtures heaters Amongst the heaters, need to select valves for manual cut off or control devices to control their heat. Nobel Laureate in Economics wanted to know more. The first option – it is well known to all the ball valve. He has only 2 positions – "open" and "closed", and for him to switch to human presence. This solution not only creates a lot of inconvenience, but also extremely inefficient in terms of heat, and hence fuel, for which you will pay from its pocket. Also, you need to remember the physiological peculiarities of the human body to adapt better to raise the temperature of the environment rather than to reduce it.

Management AG

For Fund policies, the money exclusively in one or more mutual funds. St. Gallen, 25.11.2013. Investors so use all opportunities of the Fund world combined with insurance protection given by them. According to the current brokerage trend study of maker Management AG, the demand attracts to fund policies, while sales of traditional life insurance clearly back. At the same time, disability policies are again the main growth drivers in the new business. The performance is again important in customer service.

Skeptical, the broker see limited warranty offers. From the perspective of respondents, the low level of interest rates on the capital markets and the reduction of the guaranteed interest are the cause of the increasing demand in recent years to fund policies. The priorities have shifted in the customer service: where is the security of the capital investment in the first place (74 percent, 2012: 71 percent). urig!). The flexibility of the investment (56 percent, 2012: 41 percent) and yield prospects (40 percent, 2012: 23 percent) are significantly important. Cost transparency has become less important in comparison last year in consulting (20 percent, 2012: 39 percent). For almost every fifth respondent, the transparency of product risks is an important topic (19 percent).

The priorities reflect the large uncertainty of consumers, which was caused by the financial crisis. Since the issue of transparency is increasingly discussed, the wanted to know which aspects are particularly important to the brokers it. The result: The transparency in the presentation of the offer is particularly important for a large number of participants. The following is the transparency of the insurance conditions and the remuneration. A key advantage of Fund policies lies in the tax treatment. As of early 2009, all capital gains of the tax of 25 percent are subject to fund policies, so unit-linked insurance, but remain free of withholding tax. Who monthly invests 100 over 30 years into a Fund (at 8% yield), gets around 121 000 euros after. With the Withholding tax were only 106 000 euros.

OA & Berger Law Firm

The law firm OA & Berger introduces a uniform financial plan according to DIN-ISO-norm 22222. Hamburg, 28.10.2012. Sebastian Ohligschlager is a new jurisdiction in addition to the financing and investment advice, the Department financial plan development responsible for. The health insurance advice remains under the responsibility of Michael Berger. The resorts of person protection, pension and insurance advice share both partners 50% each. Prior to the role as proprietor of the law firm OA & Berger trained banker and insurance specialist Sebastian was Ohligschlager 6 years as an Executive in the financial distribution.

There he was responsible for the distribution of financial products by law firms in Hamburg and Lower Saxony last as head of the firm. He has extensive experience in the creation of structured financial plans and the brokerage of financial products. We are sure, that the introduction of a financial plan based on the DIN-ISO-norm 22222 our position as leading Hamburg brokers continue strengthens. “, as Sebastian Ohligschlager.” Michael Berger sees great opportunities for the firm OA & Berger: the introduction of the new financial plan will bring to the challenges of the anniversary year with the formation of the firm internal infrastructure, us further forward. A structured and consistent approach, much like in the industry, is important for quality control. I don’t see a danger to the individuality of the advice it.

Annual Report Real Estate

Selling real estate in lease prices a lot under the lease objects. The new real estate, the average higher the monthly rent of the heritage. Buy or sell a real estate in a leasehold is one thing that often fails because of the lack of knowledge. No matter whether real estate agents in Munich or a private person – who has practiced this more than once, can overlook simple things. Prices: 2010 were 59 houses in lease of private or sold by real estate agents in Munich. The number of apartments sold leasehold was unfortunately not ascertainable. The price per square meter at the apartments looked as follows: 1.650,-euros as average in 1960-69 and an average interest of heritage construction per m m living area of EUR 1.65; 1.850,-euro as the average 1970-79 year range and an average interest of heritage construction per m m living area of EUR 1.90; 2.050,-euro than average during 1980-89 and a central heritage building interest per m WFL.

of EUR 2.30; 2.300,-euro than average during 1990-99 and a central heritage building interest per m WFL. of EUR 2.65; 2.550,-euro than average in 2000-2006 and a central heritage building interest per m WFL. EUR 2.70; Apartments in lease cost in Munich on average EUR 2.800,-per m sq, the heritage building rate was on average EUR 2.60. 114 condos were used for the evaluation and these shows rises significantly, as the heritage building interest in newer objects. The above figures are taken from the annual report of the Advisory Committee of Munich 2010. In addition were 16 heritage building sites about real estate agents in Munich or privately sold. Some information on the subject of lease: Generally it involves the right of a foreign plot to build or own a house or an apartment on this foreign land.

The whole thing is based on a lease agreement, which completes often over 60, 75 or 99 years. This will also govern, what should happen after the expiry of the contract. Often the structure a evaluates at the time and at percentage, some often with 2/3 of the value paid. If you a house or an apartment in lease of Privately or by a real estate broker in Munich would like to sell it is advisable draft purchase contract of the notary before to give the lease authority for review. Increases in the monthly lease payments are possible and linked to an index, usually. “Whether it’s worth a house or to buy an apartment in leasehold in Munich depends ultimately, whether the difference in price to a comparable leasehold object sufficiently high.” This is the analytic statement. But buying real estate of course also and primarily emotional. The real estate so simply must “fit”. “, so the Munich real estate agent Rainer Fischer from the Red Cross square.” Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presents all offers on seven different Internet platforms and even new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is guaranteed 7 days a week.

WebPortal Data

It is especially interesting for users that the offered telematics systems are consistently manufacturer and independent and the data without intervention can be captured in the electronics of vehicles and machines. A leading source for info: Nobel Laureate in Economics. CEplus telematics carries out evaluations and analysis of machine availability and its utilization, makes available consumption data or disposition information and forwards beyond basic data for accounting, etc.. In the telematics specialist is specialized in customized reports and analyses, which comply with the requirements of the user. Where others get off, with its systems CEplus sets new “Standards”, explains Christian Meschnig, CEO of CEplus and promises: our customers can feel confident that we emphasize always when dealing with the sensitive corporate data on maximum confidentiality and care.

” Christian Meschnig in the interview at Telematik.TV. TINO systems are tailored to user needs, energy-supply independent localization solution. You locate, manage and monitor containers, swap bodies, wagons or valuable goods regardless of the onboard power supply. TINO’s innovative systems, which are offered in the variants of “basic” and “sensor”, are just as interesting as for the agriculture and forestry, machine and plant hire industry solution for the construction industry, transport, winter, summer, customers – and external services. GPS TINO determines the location and logs location and/or the data of the connected temperature and/or humidity sensors via GSM/GPRS network according to user specifications. The two variants of TINO: TINO_basic of the tracking information node TINO_basic is a system for determining the position via GPS and transmission of position data to a WebPortal via GSM/GPRS.

Due to the power supply by an internal battery, this system is ideal for locating objects, small machines and means of transport. The system is housed in an IP65 enclosure. Main characteristics of the TINO_basic: GPS location data transmission via GSM / GPRS, TCP/IP integrated GPS/GSM antenna digital clock can be configured for remote SMS communication with password protection Erschutterungsdetektion GEO-fencing with SMS alarm temperature measurement of battery IP 65 – easy Assembly of TINO_sensor Energieautarkes tracking system TINO now also with connection of sensors available. CEplus expanded the portfolio to a self-powered location tracking, which allows the connection of sensors. The system allows the direct connection of up to 2 wired sensors (E.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, level, etc.). In addition to the location information can also state data communicated and monitored. So the transportation of perishable goods in relation to the temperature can monitor E.g. specifically without gaps. Depending on the selection and combination of sensors, a wide range of applications are possible with this telematics system.

Syria Watch

Wonderful models adorn from immediately the wrist of the Lady world. Dusseldorf – in January 2012. The new collection from the House of Hugo von Eyck convinced especially with the new women’s models already in the Christmas business. Wonderful models adorn from immediately the wrist of the Lady world. A particularly elegant and flattering line succeeded in the designer with the new collection. Four models particularly stand out and have proven themselves already especially in the Christmas season. One of the best selling models is the model Gemini (HE509). John Savignano has similar goals.

It impresses with particular elegance and beauty of form. There are three color variants: Rose gold, gold or white. Thus, a suitable variant is available for every taste. The rectangular stainless steel case is filled with Crystal stones. The lug is painstakingly processed and completes the elegant impression. In addition you can always rely on the Miyota movement, because it guarantees highest accuracy. 32x32mm housing size is suitable for each wrist. The Housing has been very flat (9 mm) and underlines the character of this delicate timepiece.

In addition the sparkling wonder of the collection impressed model Syria for ladies (HE 115) or Syrius for men (HE104). The Syria sparkles and glitters through the countless crystals on case, dial and bracelet. In addition, the clock adorn 14 blue crystals which give the clock a refined charm and very harmoniously arranged. Equipped with a Miyota quartz movement, this watch is perfectly formed. Impressive, with plenty of style and elegance. This watch is in the variants Rose gold, gold and silver to get both for women and for men. Another highlight of the new collection is evident with the new automatic watch Sagitta (HE510). Round stainless steel case with a flattering diameter of 33 mm is filled with crystals. The dial is very fine and beautifully patterned and has a very particular accent through the open balance. The markers are indicated by crystals and the high-quality leather strap in Croc rounds the fine character This beautiful lady clock. The model is Rose gold/white, silver/black and white/gold with Brown strap available in colors. Recently, also the Andromeda to be mentioned (HE508). Again, the designers have proved a particularly fine hands. All 3 variants of automatic watch is the housing (43 x 28mm) with the unusual arrangement of ornamental stones. The longitudinal direction underlines the rectangular shape of the watch and let them shine. The dial offers simple elegance and is also equipped with crystals on 3, 6 and 9. Last but not least, the open balance symbolizes the charm and character of this creation.

Campaign Themes Of The ODP Mainz

He is 53 years old and lives in the Cathedral City since 1986. His party, the oDP, operates since 2004 in the Mainz City Council and is actively involved the local politics in Mainz. what are your issues? Wilhelm Schild: affordable housing for all, noise and more citizen participation. what do you mean exactly with affordable housing for all? Wilhelm Schild: There are too few small flats for students in Mainz and Geringverdiener.Ich think that in a city like Mainz apartments are needed households for 1 or 2 people, because there are very many students, single workers and the elderly. If a property, like the Commission Bread bakery in the new town on the Rheinallee is free, fast new housing must be provided. Mr shield that odp is committed for a long time for noise protection.

William shield: Noise protection has become indeed a theme in Mainz at the latest after the new flight routes, the by lead early in the morning to night over Mainz districts.We demand a consistent night flight ban from 22 to 6 hours so that the children, citizens can sleep at night and stay healthy. The noise protection legislation must be made completely new. A single look at the sources of noise, such as motorway, train rides, large construction sites, helicopters and aircraft, brings nothing. The sum is crucial. Public transport must be cheaper, that goes with the exemption from value added tax for the transit authority. The hub function for long-haul intercontinental flights should be located not in a metropolitan area and be expanded, but are outsourced to other airports in rural areas. So, the airport with the umgeliegenden population in the cities can all around better tolerated. Mr shield, in Mainz, there are some controversial issues in urban development, for example, the Construction of a new shopping center in the Ludwigssstrasse. How does the oDP the topic? Wilhelm Schild: More genuine participation of citizens is needed here: negotiations with the investors must be transparent and not behind closed doors. As a result, many citizens feel excluded. It is simply no longer up to date, that in a traditional commercial and university city such as Mainz, citizens type face for landlords with ready-made solutions. The legal situation moment pretending that in Mainz, 10 percent of all eligible voters must sign before a referendum held may., which is placed in terms of shopping center.

Advisory Committee

One can assume that several objects in Perlach were offered, that belong to Neuperlach and the Offer number is therefore significantly higher. Second-hand housing offers were throughout the territory at a price of EUR 2700 per m, new objects were above EUR 4.000,-and had a share of the overall offer of roughly 15%. Also 149 houses were offered, of which numerous single-family homes at an average price of approximately EUR 800.000,-and semi-detached houses to the EUR 600.000,-. Here, it is striking that the second-hand homes were more expensive than the new properties, probably due to the larger plots. (2) looking at the actual sales now in 2010, so counting 433 sales of used owner-occupied flats, what is remarkable. New objects have been recorded 175 times.

In the House, 95 homes changed hands, 32 plots have been sold. (“Actually called 3) not Perlach, but Altperlach, Neuperlach and Waldperlach, because hiding behind various residential areas. Each has its own target audience and everywhere like to buying real estate. The PEP is of course the Centre in this area. “, is the owner of the company Fischer real estate, Rainer Fischer, from the Red Cross square in Munich Neuhausen.

Sources: (1) Wikipedia: Perlach. (2) evaluation of the statistics programme of the IMV market data GmbH; (3) statistics from the annual report 2010 of the Advisory Committee of Munich. Information without guarantee. The above information has been carefully researched, errors can still infiltrate. Therefore assumes no liability for the above statements. Company description of Rainer Fischer real estate: the person company headquartered in Munich at the Red Cross square since 1995. It specializes in the marketing of residential real estate in the greater Munich area. Since the founding, over 700 houses, condos and land on solvent buyers were communicated. The brokerage firm cooperates with external financing consultants, presented all offers on seven different platforms of Internet and sometimes new ways in marketing of real estate. Reachability is 7 days ensure the week.

Listed Real Estate

Save tax, pensions and assets with listed real estate Berlin, January 2012: win in economically uncertain times tangible investments naturally attractive. The best example: the strong demand for gold. But the storage of the precious metal does a maintenance cost on the other hand, the investment is static. Real estate investments are more attractive and also more lucrative. Especially the location is crucial for the return. The German capital of Berlin should be considered as a guarantee of site success. It is not only international trendy”like no other German metropolis; It scores well in the last years also in all matters related to a real estate site: growing population, high level of employment, strong housing demand.

And: the still very low rent prices (between 4.50 and 8,00 EUR / sq. m) promises to rise significantly in the next few years. These conditions make Berlin the almost ideal place for investments in real estate. This favourable Conditions are but still substantially topped is the object a grade II listed property. Not only because this he keep worthy houses have style and class with them it can also accurately save taxes. The probably the last real Steuersparmoglichkeit allows buyers of a listed real estate, for example, within twelve years all clean-up costs (so %!) to write off 100.

Flow later, which we can assume safely in the case of Berlin, monthly rental income, then, the ideal case has entered the real leverage economically.” Gloss film factory is listed apartments in Berlin-Kopenick the motto of this impressive facility: it lives here at the sparkling waters and with a brilliant historical! “.” That’s not an exaggeration. Situated directly on the river Spree, surrounded the area with its stylish brick buildings in the largest forest and parkland of Berlin and still enjoys an excellent Transport links. Berlin’s Centre can be reached in 25 minutes. Thanks to own boat investors there is even the possibility to go by boat to the Alexanderplatz. But also the environment of this fascinating community offers charm and quality of life. So, for example, the picturesque Kopenick old town via a pedestrian bridge in only a few minutes walk is accessible. The residential complex has more than 230 condominiums in nearly all sizes: from the small, 45 m 2-room apartment, to the luxurious 225-square-foot penthouse. All with balcony or terrace, and high-quality interior. Due to the attractive location, the currently low interest rates and in the medium term, already rising rental prices, investing in an object in the bright factory is a guarantee for high returns and secure daily care. Thomas pusher of the AXES Grunwald GmbH: the object is enormously attractive. Therefore, most of the apartments have already been sold. In the next few weeks we will be but with a similarly interesting Go object in the market.” About AXES Grunwald GmbH, the AXES Grunwald GmbH is a company to convey tax-optimised financial investments for doctors and the private sector. The company has expertise and experience in the field of high-end real estate. Consultants of from AXES Grunwald GmbH specialize in rehabilitation cases and real estate listed on fiscally attractive objects. The AXES Grunwald GmbH’s core competencies include: values, assets, and property secure and sustainable increase.